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Posted: Aug, 3, 2015 by qualityenviro

Earlier this year, California’s governor proclaimed a statewide drought emergency and appealed for Californians to reduce water consumption by 20 percent.

This drought has been unprecedented. The driest years in California’s history were 2013 and 2014, and the town of Lompico has been teetering on the brink of no water whatsoever. In fact, in late January the town had just 100 days of drinking water left. The drought has affected everyone from farmers and fisherman to urban communities and businesses. Without water, public health, the economy and the environment are all at risk.

How to Save Water

This severe scarcity of water requires everybody to do what they can to preserve water. Here are 14 ways that you can save water in and around the home.

To save water indoors:

  • Use your garbage disposal sparingly or choose to compost vegetable waste.
  • Only use the washing machine for full loads.
  • Install low-flow shower heads in your showers.
  • Shower for five minutes instead of 10.
  • Only run your dishwasher when it’s full.
  • Install an aerator on the kitchen taps to reduce water flow to under 1 gallon per minute.
  • When you wash dishes by hand, avoid letting the water run. Instead, fill a basin with wash water and fill another with rinsing water.
  • Turn taps off when shaving or brushing teeth.

To save water outdoors:

  • Landscape the garden with climate-appropriate plants.
  • Water the garden early in the morning or later at night when temperatures are cooler.
  • Put layers of mulch around plants and trees to keep soil cool and reduce evaporation.
  • Adjust sprinklers so only the garden is being watered and not your street or side walk.
  • Instead of hosing down driveways and patios, use a broom.
  • Wash cars with a sponge and bucket and use a self-closing nozzle on the hose.

These small steps can add up to make a big difference during a drought.

Need to Know More?

If you want to discuss more ways to conserve water, contact the professionals at Quality Environmental Inc.

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