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Quality Environmental specializes in working with hospitals and government buildings. Find out more about the advanced solutions offered.


Quality Environmental offers a full array of professional, environmental services and is an industry leader with a proven track record.




When Quality Environmental, Inc. performs demolition service to destroy and remove structures, we take all precautions to safely remove any contaminants that may have been present. We have a comprehensive Waste Management Plan to salvage what we can and recycle the materials for later use. We have serviced a wide variety of clients including general contractors, roofing contractors, property managers, developers, building owners, home owners. We’ve also worked with industries such as government agencies, military installations, insurance agencies, institutions and religious organizations. We are committed to providing a safe and productive environment for government, commercial and residential structures alike.


The Demolition Process
Quality Environmental uses a state-of-the-art demolition process. With the use of heavy equipment, we offer a turnkey demolition service. When removing full structures, our environmental specialists will remediate the area of any hazardous materials and ensure that all hazardous items are removed, discarded or recycled. Our entire project is performed by our team, which ensures that our customers receive cost-effective, quality environmental demolition services.

Our Motto is SAFETY+PRODUCTIVITY=QUALITY. Almost every company claims safety first, as a process that has to be done before the work starts. At Quality Environmental, safe performance is what we do before, during and after the job is completed. It’s our culture, our way of life and our badge of honor.

Quality Environmental abides by federal and California state demolition regulations. Our environmental specialists will handle all asbestos, lead-based paints, mold and any other hazardous material issues according to local health code regulations and building code requirements. And we safeguard the building site and immediate area to ensure the safety of residents and other buildings in the area.

  • Center of Resources: our experts educate our clients and help them navigate on what’s important about proper demolition Processes
  • Free expert counsel and identification of potential hazardous materials, conditions and liabilities
  • Complete demolition
  • Site demolition
  • Selective demolition
  • High profile demolition (Mansions and Hospitals)
  • Waste Management Plan-Removal, salvaging and recycling of materials
  • Site Safety Plan
  • Trained, Competent, Certified and Experienced Personnel
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Disposal of hazardous materials including asbestos, lead-based paint, Mercury, PCBs and Other Hazardous materials
    Quality Enviromental Inc

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