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Infectious Control
Infectious Control

Infectious Control


Infectious control is a high priority in the healthcare industry primarily because both people and facilities have a high risk of infection due to the constant exposure of contaminants. Immediate service is required to protect the integrity of the establishment and the health of those within it. Quality Environmental, Inc.’s team of environmental specialists has extensive knowledge of maintaining, cleaning and renewing medical facilities during renovations, construction, demolition, abatement or after an infectious exposure. Our infectious control team utilizes the latest equipment and techniques that complies with all federal and state regulations to ensure that your facility is back in working order without any potential contamination risks.

Infectious Control

How Quality Environmental Protects
Your Facility and Your Patients

Our infection control technicians will develop an Infectious Control Plan for the affected areas. We understand how challenging is to work in an operating facility and we are very flexible in changing our schedule to accommodate the rapid changes in healthcare facilities when needed. The technicians will construct and design physical polyethylene barriers within your facility. Quality Environmental Inc utilizes Fire Retardant polyethylene sheeting to reduce the fire hazards within our work areas. From there, our team will place HEPA negative pressure air filtration equipment to control any hazardous dust particles or infectious particulates. The HEPA filtration units will capture 99.97% of all particles down to 3 microns in size. Decontamination areas will be constructed with zipper doors and sticky floor mats for all team members who enter and exit the contaminated zone. We maintain the highest level of cleanliness and ensure waste stream controls to reduce the risk of infectious agent transmission. Our strict protection measures reduce the potential for cross-contamination during treatment and patient areas as well as prevent airborne pathogens from escaping our work area.

Our specialists abide by the guidelines issued for healthcare industries and government agencies that include the California Occupational Safety and Health Agency, California Department of Public Health, South Coast Air Quality Management District, American Institute of Architects, Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the National Fire Protection Association and the Centers for Disease Control.

  • Center of Resources: our experts educate our clients and help them navigate on what’s important about proper infectious control processes
  • Free Expert Counsel and Identification of Potential Hazardous Materials, Conditions and Liabilities
  • Trained, Competent, Certified and Experienced Personnel
  • Physical Barricade Placement Areas
  • HEPA Negative Pressure Air Filtration Equipment
  • Decontamination Areas to Prevent Cross-Contamination and Airborne Contamination Exposure
  • Complete Removal and Sanitation
  • Disposal of Hazardous Materials
  • Engineering Controls
  • State-of-the-Art Sanitization and Infectious Control Equipment
    Infectious Control
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