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Posted: Jun, 30, 2014 by qualityenviro

How does a company whose employees work every day in environments where they are subject to mold spore or asbestos exposure, fire and water damaged structural hazards and demolition area risks manage to go three years without a single workplace accident? If it seems like an unlikely claim, Quality Environmental, Inc. doesn’t need any more evidence to back it up than the attained recognition of a California State Fund. However, to answer the question, it’s all about genuine commitment to practical health and safety management and compliance with safety legislation.

Safety Goals Beyond Compliance
For Quality Environmental, Inc. the instillation of safety as a way of life is a primary aspect of employee training. Rather than simply taking a “safety first” approach, the company’s mantra is “safety first, during and after.” Every project is prepared, executed and closed down with the safety of employees, clients and the general public at the forefront of operational processes. Teamwork also plays an important part in Quality Environmental’s exemplary safety record, with all team members looking out for each other’s safety.

With safety something worn as a badge of honor by all within the Quality Environmental organization, compliance with safety standards naturally follows. This inbuilt culture doesn’t merely target compliance with DOHS and OSHA standards. It aims to exceed them on every level. The company believes that prioritizing safety is critical first and foremost for the protection of people and that regulatory compliance should be but a minimum standard to aspire to.
Demolition projects are always commenced with the drafting of a safety plan to protect residents and other buildings during the demolition process. Mold and asbestos abatement tasks are executed under tightly controlled conditions. Measures include sealing off affected areas before using asbestos abatement air cleaners to prevent asbestos fibers becoming airborne. In cases of mold remediation, the company even has a hygienist to finally clear the work area after the primary cleanup tasks have been completed.

Safety Plus Productivity Equals Quality
Of course these are just a few examples of the safety measures employed in the execution of Quality Environmental’s services. Needless to say that all specialist regulations pertaining to lead, infectious material, mold and asbestos remediation and removal are followed to the letter. For Quality Environmental, Inc. safety is considered as paramount in the provision of a quality service to clients. The company believes that a safe worksite and safe work processes are conducive to productivity and therefore to the expedient completion of projects with minimal disruption to client’s activities.

It’s unlikely that anyone would argue the need for an aggressive approach to safety and health in the clearance of harmful materials. However Quality Environmental has attained such excellence in safety management that the company significantly exceeds benchmarks for the environmental service industry. However that’s still not enough for the seasoned professionals who make up the management team. Continuous improvement is the company watchword and, in keeping with this, safety standards continue to be raised on an ongoing basis.

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