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Posted: Jun, 6, 2014 by qualityenviro

Quality Environmental, Inc. is proud to have established a reputation for high quality mold and asbestos remediation and removal services. One of the main reasons for the company’s success lies in the management team’s commitment to investing in the most effective cutting edge technology. Although it’s inevitable that some remediation tasks require the use of hand tools, Quality Environmental, Inc. makes use of the latest technical equipment wherever practicable.

Technology for Environmental Care and Quality Standards

The choice to be at the forefront of hi-tech solutions for the removal of asbestos and mold is born out of care for Quality Environmental, Inc.’s customers and for the environment. By using state-of-the-art equipment, remediation tasks can be carried out largely without the use of potentially harmful solvents or chemicals. In a business responsible for eliminating toxic materials from buildings, it’s only right that efforts should be made to avoid the use of substances which can themselves present health and environmental risks.

Not only does the use of advanced technology make for safer remediation of asbestos and mold, it has also improved Quality Environmental, Inc.’s ability to ensure high quality workmanship. By building synergies with top manufacturers in the field of mold and asbestos remediation, the company’s technicians are able to reduce time on-site and therefore minimize disruption to customer’s lives and businesses.

How Technology is Employed On-Site

When Quality Environmental’s team gets to work on removing asbestos and mold at a customer’s premises, one of the first tasks is to ensure that mold spores or asbestos particles are not able to float around in the air. This is done by creating a negative air pressure environment using HEPA negative air filtration units. After creating a safe work area, the latest abatement equipment is used wherever possible to remove mold or asbestos.

For the removal of mold, Quality Environmental, Inc. uses a COLDJET ice blaster system which makes for fast and clean mold abatement without the use of chemicals. Similarly, bead blasting technology is used for a high level of effective asbestos removal, even from porous surfaces which would otherwise be resistant to abatement processes.

When it comes to the cleanup tasks, Quality Environmental uses only the most effective and robust professional HEPA vacuum machines. Use of these units enables the team to ensure that absolutely no asbestos particles or mold spores are left behind and that customers can be confident in a totally clean interior space.

Care for the Wider Environment

In partnership with HILTI tools, Quality Environmental, Inc. delivers on its commitment to carbon footprint reduction by using the greenest equipment technology. The company is currently phasing out older tools which utilize fossil fuels and can generate silica dust. By employing tools which run on mains electric and battery power, Quality Environmental can complete mold and asbestos abatement and removal projects without running diesel compressors. This policy delivers a number of wider environmental benefits, which include:

  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • A reduction in heavier vehicles towing compressors to and from work sites
  • A quieter and less disruptive environment on site

Quality Environmental, Inc. cares about the highest quality of service, with the lowest possible environmental impact. Thanks to the strategic development of partnerships with the largest equipment manufacturers, Quality Environmental is able to take advantage of the latest technology to live up to its mission and values.

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