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Posted: Feb, 10, 2015 by QualityMedia


There are several indicators that you need a bio-hazard cleanup.  Any hazard to humans or the environment that is biological in nature is considered a biohazard.  If you suspect a bio-hazard, avoid entering the area unprotected.  If the bio-hazard occurred as an aftermath of biological issues, you will most likely need a bio-hazard cleanup.

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These conditions must be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent spread of hazard:


  1. Blood spill

Consider any blood as “contaminated” and “potentially dangerous.” Any blood in the area requires a bio-hazard cleanup.

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2.   Unidentified Contaminants

If the area has been exposed to a potential virus or bacterial pathogen, the area must be cleaned by a restoration or biohazard company.


3. Contaminated Organisms or Rodents

If the area has been exposed to rodents, as they carry many infectious diseases, or any kind of contaminated organism, the area must be professionally cleaned.


4.  Sewage Leakage

Sewage leakage exposure with potential threats of fecal matter and hazards must be cleaned up professionally.


5.  Controlled Substances

Drugs or sensitive materials also pose hazardous risks.  If the site was a location for a drug lab or working area, it is important to rid the biohazard, which is a service that a professional restoration company or biohazard contractor can provide.


Make sure that if you believe any area was contaminated, call Quality Environmental Inc. to treat the area or ensure that there are no contaminants. Prolonging the biohazard cleanup will only be detrimental to your health in the long run. For more information or any concerns you have, contact Quality Environmental at 562-941-1434.


Source: http://www.strategiesonline.net/biohazard-cleanup/

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