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Lead Abatement
Lead Abatement

Lead Abatement


Lead has a variety of uses including the creation of batteries, metal products and, back in the day, paint. Though lead is not toxic within your home or office, consumption of this metal can be toxic, especially for young children and pets. If ingested, lead can damage the nervous system and cause brain disorders. Lead poisoning has well been documented in the past. As a neurotoxin, lead accumulates in soft tissues and in the bones. Quality Environmental, Inc. is devoted to providing residential and commercial lead abatement in a proficient and safe manner. Our specialists are approved by HPD, DOB and DOH for complete lead waste management and abatement.

Lead Abatement

Lead Removal Services
Quality Environmental, Inc. is able to handle three common lead issues:

Lead-Based Paint Removal – This paint is located on the interior and exterior of structures made prior to 1978. Our team will handle removal, coverage and disposal of all lead-based paint chips, material and contaminated pieces.

Lead-Contaminated Soil – Busy roadways and land located close to factories can contain lead-contaminated soil. Our team will use state-of-the art equipment to identify lead contaminants and our environmental specialists will work to extract, replace and dispose of any lead-contaminated soil in public and private areas.

Lead-Contaminated Dust – Lead-based dust can be found on floors, doorways, toys, and even windowsills. Our team can test and evaluate your structure for lead-contaminated dust and quickly remove it. We use decontamination zones, negative pressurization and extraction equipment to ensure that dust particles do not get into the air or spread throughout the facility.

The EPA recommends removing all instances of lead contamination in interior and exterior areas, especially if young children are present. Quality Environmental provides quick, efficient lead cleanup for residential and commercial areas in accordance with state and federal health regulations.

  • Temporary fencing during cleanup
  • State-of-the-art detection and removal equipment
  • Identification, containment and disposal of all lead-based contaminants
  • Negative pressure and decontamination zones to limit exposure
  • Strict compliance with all state and federal health regulations
    Lead Abatement
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