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Posted: Feb, 11, 2015 by qualityenviro

There are many sources where renewable energy can come from. Each state can utilize their resources to provide renewable energy.
Wind Energy
Wind energy costs just as much as electricity. Wind energy comes from coal and gas-fired power plants, and is pollution-free.

Solar Energy
This resource is inexpensive and without bounds in supply. Solar energy powers items that required electricity like portable radios.

Biomass Energy and Cellulosic Ethanol
Plant, wood, corn and soy can provide renewable energy, but it’s not always sustainable.

Biogas Energy
Farmers can convert animal waste into a clean-burning gas, providing their own heat and electricity with less pollution.

Geothermal Energy
Renewable energy can come from reservoirs of steam and hot water beneath the earth’s surface.

The largest source of renewable electricity in the US comes from moving water; however, while water is renewable, rivers are not.

Off Shore Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy
Offshore renewable energy can provide much energy and can be developed in a way that protects ocean resources.

Source: http://www.nrdc.org/energy/renewables/default.asp

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