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Posted: Aug, 17, 2015 by qualityenviro

While most people have a good idea of what items should be recycled, composted, and thrown in the garbage, there are a number of things that should be collected and disposed of properly, in addition to these typical methods. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict guidelines and regulations concerning the disposal of various contaminants.


Lead: Cleanup & Disposal

Older homes and buildings often have a variety of old construction materials that contain all kinds of harmful and hazardous compounds. Lead poisoning is something that all home and building owners should be wary of as it can cause permanent damage to the short and long-term health of both adults and children.


Typically, lead cleanup should be dealt with by a company such as Quality Environmental that specializes in the environmental cleanup and abatement of hazardous waste. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure cleanup doesn’t result in further contamination or expose of lead components. A thorough description of how lead can be cleaned up and disposed up can be found on the Minnesota Department Of Health Website.


The Dangers of Mold

Mold can be one of the most detrimental things to affect your respiratory system and results in symptoms like a stuffy nose, irritated throat, wheezing, coughing, irritated eyes, and even skin rashes. A person with an allergy to mold can have even more severe reactions depending on their sensitivity. Furthermore, people with compromised immune systems and existing respiratory disease can get serious infections and other issues from the mold that can even result in death. Essentially, it’s important to deal with mold when it appears and to deal with moisture before mold appears.


If you find a small area of mold in your home, you can probably deal with it yourself by using strong cleaners to fully neutralize it. In addition to that it’s also important to find the source of the moisture that caused the mold to prevent future growth. If your mold issue is larger, then it is important to employ a professional environmental service company to remove it. They will safely remove and dispose of the mold without spreading spores through the surrounding area. They will also address the source of the mold to ensure it doesn’t return.


Properly Disposing of Drugs

People often think that flushing their drugs and medication down the toilet is the appropriate way to dispose of them, but unless specifically indicated this can lead to a building contamination of groundwater. This is because not all components of medication are filtered out properly by municipal water filtration systems. Things like hormones can be diluted but aren’t always completely filtered. Depending on the type of drugs, there are many different ways to dispose of them. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proper guidelines for disposal outlined on their website.


If you find yourself in possession of dangerous materials, it’s important to have them properly removed and disposed of in order to protect yourself and other people that may be exposed to them. If you’re in doubt as to how to go about dealing with hazardous waste disposal contact a professional environmental services company like Quality Environmental Inc. With years of experience, they can assist you in proper removal and disposal of all hazardous waste.

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