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Posted: Jan, 13, 2015 by QualityMedia

Ebola has been said to be in decline, but has it really been eradicated?  According to Doctor Mercola, in Sierra Leone, the one miracle cure, ozone therapy, has been denied by the Ministry of Health.

One of the phenomena occurring in Sierra Leone is a ghastly process that results in sure death.  Once it has been determined that a member of the household has Ebola, that home becomes a “red zone,” so that nobody can go in or out of the confines of their home.  They cannot be treated at home or leave to be treated. There is also an Armed Guard at the front. The household is now quarantined.  Only rich people can have food brought to them, and poor people are left with no food, no water, and no sanitation.  It is only a matter of time before some of them die out of mere starvation or dehydration.

Those who believe they have Ebola are not tested immediately.  If they have signs of illness, they must contact the Ambulance, where they are sent to a quarantine holding center where others suspected of having Ebola are all gathered together.  If they didn’t have Ebola before, they will definitely contract it once they are contained with the other Ebola victims.

Only after they are showing strong signs of Ebola, is a test ordered.  But they have to wait 1-3 days for the results because they are back logged.  After all the delays, they are 2-5 days from death, and they are taken to a “treatment center.”  Only the rich may receive adequate food and water, since the staff is too scared to do anything.  Blood types are not cross checked adequately, so they may die of mismatched blood rather than Ebola.

Dr. Robert Rowen, an expert on oxidative therapy, believes that ozone therapy is an inexpensive and very safe treatment for the deadly Ebola disease.  Ozone therapy improves blood flow and oxygen delivery from red cells.  It modulates the immune system.  Influenza can also be treated with ozone therapy.  It is much safer and far more effective than the flu vaccine, especially since this year’s vaccine is mismatched to the recent flu virus strain.

Dr. Howard Robins and Dr. Robert Rowen traveled to Sierra Leone recently.  They heard Dr. Kojo Carew speak on ozone therapy.  They trained many health care workers on how to administer Direct Intravenous Ozone Gas (DIV), which involved supplements and timing of administration of DIV.  The President of Sierra Leone also tried the ozone therapy and had no problems.

One of the doctors trained in ozone therapy, Dr. Kanneh, accidentally poked himself with an Ebola infected needle, and developed the typical symptoms of Ebola.  He did not get tested because he did not want to be quarantined then sent to a “treatment center.”  Instead, he took the ozone and was symptom free within 48 hours.

Dr. Mbriwa also tested positive for Ebola, but Dr. Kanneh administered ozone to him, and he was free of Ebola.  The government gave credit to themselves for saving Dr. Mbriwa from the virus without mentioning the ozone therapy.  Another doctor had begged for ozone treatment but was refused, and he died.

The Health Ministry of Sierra Leone, the government and the Ebola “czar” Paloh Conteh, have refused to utilize ozone therapy, and continue to see doctors and nurses die.  Even though the President of Sierra Leone approved the treatment, the Minister of Health has flat out ignored and disapproved of ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy has not only been shown to be effective in Ebola, but also other cases such as heart disease, immune disease, chronic degenerative diseases, to name a few.  Ozone therapy will remain a popular discussion and treatment in the future.

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