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Posted: Aug, 11, 2015 by qualityenviro

On any average day, in between waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, energy has affected your life in multiple ways. Whether the energy you use is solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, or something else, it powers the alarm clock that ensures you get out of bed, it heats the water you use to shower, and it charges the cell phone you carry with you all day.


Most of the ways in which you use energy are necessary to complete daily tasks and go about your life. There are also many areas in everyone’s life that can be changed in order to save energy, which can affect your life now and into the future.


Using Up Natural Resources

Every single time you use energy for any task, whether you are making a cup of coffee or starting your car, the natural resources used to create that energy become further depleted. Whether its coal, natural gas, uranium, or other resources involved in energy production, there are finite amounts of all of them, and once they are gone, they’re gone.


While renewable energy is a solution, the amount of energy provided by renewables versus fossil fuels is miniscule. Industry experts anticipate that current oil reserves will only last another 50 years, and coal deposits will expire in about 200 years. Aside from the clear advantages of reducing pollution in the short term from burning fossil fuels, solar and other renewable energy sources will no doubt become necessary parts of the future.


Climate Change

Climate change and global warming are terms that have been thrown around for decades now, but it appears little is still understood as to what they actually mean. Essentially, energy use and consumption, by humans, is negatively affecting global weather patterns. Predominantly, the culprit byproduct of burning fossil fuels is CO2 gas, which is released into the atmosphere. Flooding is one of the most commonly cited results of global warming, but high UV levels causing an increasing number of cancer deaths and the extinction of several species are also notable outcomes.


Overall, depleting natural resources can potentially lead to a global energy crisis that will drastically change the way people live their daily lives. Dramatic climate change will also have a negative impact as many coastal areas will suffer severe flooding, animals will become extinct, and cancer levels will rise. With a rise in flooding from rivers and other bodies of water, it’s important to control mold and other damage as a result of flooding and receding water. Contacting a company like Quality Environmental Inc. is essential to the full restoration of your property.


The importance of saving energy may not be immediately apparent, but in the long term it will prove to be a valuable short term decision.

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