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Posted: Jul, 27, 2015 by qualityenviro
Buyer beware rrp

If you’ve not heard about the RRP program (Renovation, Repair and Painting), it’s something to be aware of if you’re planning on renovating your new home.

The purpose of the program is to minimize exposure from lead-paint dust during repairs, renovations or painting. Common renovation activities like cutting, interior demolition and sanding can create hazardous lead dust when you disturb the lead-based paint.

It’s a good idea to employ a firm who is certified to follow lead-safe work practices if you plan on remodeling or renovating your older home.

Reducing Lead-Based Paint Hazards

There are a variety of ways to reduce the hazards of lead-based paint, but some methods can increase the risk of exposure. It is crucial that you pick the safest method for your specific project. Your goal should be to reduce hazards while creating as little lead dust as possible.

If the lead paint on walls and ceilings is in good condition, then you may just need to paint them or cover them with wallpaper which will keep lead paint in place.

However, if the lead paint is peeling or chipping, or is on a surface like a stair rail or windowsill where infants or pets could chew on or touch frequently, then the lead paint should be covered or professionally removed.

If you have painted surfaces that rub on one another, like windows or doors, those will require special attention to put a stop to the friction. If the paint has been damaged by some other problem, such as water damage from leaks, then you should fix the underlying problem first.

Disposal of Debris

Debris from lead-based paint renovations should be double-bagged and disposed of in small quantities. This can be placed in your household trash.  Never burn lead debris and don’t dump liquid wastes onto the ground. Instead, filter waste water through a rag before dumping into a sanitary sewer.

Get a Professional

The best thing to do is not undertake removal of lead-based paint on your own. Contact the qualified contractors at Quality Environmental Inc. who are experience in lead removal.

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