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Posted: Sep, 23, 2014 by QualityMedia

The toxic properties of asbestos necessitate extreme caution in terms of removal and safe handling. Asbestos is a known carcinogen, which is why opting for professional asbestos removal Los Angeles is one of the safest and most effective possibilities for overcoming the problem.

Certain rules need to be followed in terms of removal, handling and disposal. The following guide will shed some light on some of the regulations and recommended practices.

EPA and Asbestos

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict regulations concerning asbestos in public building, educational facilities and workplaces. Local authorities and institutions are required to perform thorough inspections for asbestos-containing building materials.

The preparation of asbestos management plans and asbestos response actions are also required by law, in case asbestos-containing building materials have been found and they are in a poor condition.

Where Could Asbestos be Found?

The first step towards successful asbestos removal Los Angeles focuses on identifying the building materials that could potentially contain this carcinogenic substance.

In the past, asbestos was used extensively in construction processes. Here are just some of the places where asbestos could be located:

  • Sprayed asbestos was used in ducts to increase fire safety.
  • Asbestos could also be found in thermal insulation of pipes.
  • Asbestos cement products were extensively utilized in roofing, water tanks and gutters.
  • A few older textured coatings contained asbestos.
  • A number of vinyl materials used for roofing could also potentially contain asbestos.

Compliance with Asbestos Removal Regulations

The process starts with building inspection, as already mentioned. Professionals will take a closer look at the materials used in the construction process, figuring out what the potential risk is.

Next comes the action plan for the safe management, removal and handling of asbestos-containing building materials.

What to Do if You Find Asbestos in Your Home or at Your Workplace

If the presence of asbestos has been confirmed in the building that you currently live or work in, you will need to follow a very strict procedure to increase your safety.

Have you come across construction materials that look like they contain asbestos? Don’t touch them. When disturbed, asbestos turns into a much more significant health risk. Do a visual inspection from a distance to figure out whether the materials have been damaged in any way.

If you decide to do home upgrades or modifications, you should rely on licensed professionals for asbestos removalLos Angeles. The professionals have the protective gear, they know how to remove asbestos and how to dispose of it in the safest way.

The same rules apply to asbestos products identified at the workplace or in a public building. Employees and other untrained individuals should never be expected to handle asbestos removal on their own. All workplaces need to have an asbestos management plan in place, especially if the office building is older and potentially full of asbestos-containing materials.

When in doubt, talk to professionals about the safe handling and the potential removal of asbestos. It’s imperative to understand that dealing with this hazardous material is not a DIY project. You will be putting yourself at significant risk, which is why professional assessment is the best way to go.

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